Can Homestay be an Agent of Sustainable Tourism in Bali

Thèse de Putu Ratih PERTIWI (ESO Angers)
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    The main aim of this research is to question the implementation of homestays as a tool in maintaining the sustainable tourism in Bali. Our problematic will be: Can Homestay Be An Agent of Sustainable Tourism in Bali? This research illustrates the implementation of homestay in Bali, measuring the relationship between the existing issues of homestay development, homestay implementation, and the benefits of homestay implementation in Bali: do those aforementioned factors influence the implementation of homestays as a tool of sustainable tourism, or in contrary, will it come to a price of socio-economic inequality and the degradation of socio-culture as well as natural environment crisis? It is prominent to examine the implementation of homestay through sustainability tourism principles. In Bali itself, as the main tourist destination in Indonesia, has been practicing homestays as local accommodation since 1925. The latest data reports that Bali has 2.650 homestays spread in its 9 regencies.  In this research quantitative and qualitative data are collected simultaneously from local host of homestay and homestays tourists. Qualitative data will be interviewes with owners of the homestays, some chiefs of the particular villages as the representation of local communities; the regional and local representatives of tourism organization, and also from several tourism and statistical office and organization such as Bali Central Bureau of Statistic, Department of Tourism, of Bali Province, and Official Website of Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia). The research area will be focused in two regions in Bali such as Gianyar – a region in the center of Bali and Jembrana – a region in the West of Bali.